The EARS Shack

The shack

Adrian Clark
John Woods

The "shack" is the building in which a radio amateur keeps his or her radio set-up. The EARS shack is in CSEE's Hardware Lab (room 1NW.2.10) and is basically a lockable cupboard in which the radio and associated bits and pieces are stored. The photographs below show the shack locked and opened up.

As well as the club radio, an Icom IC-746, and its power supply, the shack stores a laptop running Linux which has a range of useful software for amateur radio installed on it. Each club member has a separate login on this machine (logins are callsigns), but if you don't login within a few seconds, the systems automatically logs you into a communal EARS account.

We have an online version of the IC-746 manual, its addendum and erratum.